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Folks, The Final Agenda for the 2000 Spring SIW (March 26-31, 2000), plus all the Workshop papers, are now posted at While you`re there, please remember that the Advance Registration deadline (March 20) is fast approaching! It saves on SISO staffing and it saves you money if you register in advance rather than on-site. When you review the SIW abstracts and papers, you will notice one significant change: while everyone can read the abstracts, you will be asked for a password when you go to download a paper. In the future, this will be your name and your SISO membership number, but for this workshop, everyone should use Name: spring00papers Password: spring00papers If you`re a bit fuzzy on the details of the new SISO membership system, you can review the front-page article in SISO`s Simulation Technology magazine (Vol 2, No 2) at Here`s a short summary: In December of 1999, after several months of discussion and review by all SISO committees, plus a posting to the SISO community at large, EXCOM approved revised Policy and Procedures which, among other changes, require that a person be a member of SISO in order to (1) Vote in SISO elections (2) Vote as a member of a SISO Product Balloting Group (3) Download SISO Products, Proceedings, and certain other documents from the SISO Web site The primary way one becomes a member of SISO is to register for and attend a SISO Simulation Interoperability Workshop (SIW). This automatically confers SISO membership through the end of the following calendar year. The initial SISO membership database includes everyone who attended at least one SIW in 1999 and/or registered for the 2000 Spring SIW. These initial memberships are valid through December 31, 2001. For those who are not able to attend the SIWs, an alternative mechanism is provided: a $45 per year membership fee. This fee covers the per-subscriber cost of maintaining SISO`s extensive email and web site services, excluding any workshop-related expenses. Membership numbers were sent out to all SISO members via email on January 10, 2000. About 300 of the 1100 membership messages ``bounced`` because the email addresses were obsolete. IST is currently sending out US Mail letters to everyone in the database. These letters include a laminated SISO business card with your name and membership number. If you don`t receive this letter by the end of next week, and you think you ought to be in the SISO membership database, contact Caroline LaFave, SISO Support, at 407-658-5518 or <[log in to unmask]>. Duncan Miller Chair, SISO Conference Committee

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