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I`d like to raise a couple of issues concerning the proposal to change the name of the forum. The primary reason given is to ``reduce the perception of this as a HLA Only forum.`` This begs the question of, is it a bad thing to be perceived as a HLA Only forum? I don`t feel strongly one way or the other about it. The other reason given for a name change is to ``give the forum a little more breadth.`` At the workshop I heard concerns about decreasing forum attendance; increasing the breadth of the forum`s subject matter should help reverse this trend. Before settling on a new name, we had better examine the Call for Papers. The previous one had four bullets, all of which mentioned RTI. If we are going to get away from HLA, we need some new topics. Personally, I like the current name. It has continuity going for it; you know that the RTI&C Forum is what used to be the RTI&C Forum. You can`t say that about the Communications and Security Forum. Unless someone presents a better reason for changing it, I would not change. John F. Fay [log in to unmask]

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