The subject of changing the name of the forum was brought up at the
SIW.  There weren`t enough people present at the open discussion to get a
good feel for how people felt, so we tabled the discussion to bring up here.
The conversations that I had with people higher up in the organization were
pretty positive, I think that we will be able to change the name, if we
decide to.

	Now that we`ve determined that it`s possible to change, we need to
decide if we want to, and what the new name should be.  The primary reason
is to reduce the perception of this as a HLA Only forum.  Another reason is
to give the forum a little more breadth.

	The alternative names I`ve heard suggested are Communications &
Security and Communication Infrastructure & Security.

	How do you feel about the current name?
	How do you feel about the reasons for changing the name?
	Do you have any other reasons for changing the name?
	What do you think of the proposed names?
	Which do you thing is better?
	Do you have another name?

Jeff Fischer
RTI&C Chair

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