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Joe, See for information on the official HLA compliance criteria. DR At 11:10 AM 6/28/00 -0400, you wrote: >Is there a good standard definition/process to achieve ``HLA compliance?`` >Mr. Beeker raises a very good point below about certifying as HLA compliant >a stand-alone sim that still cannot interoperate with any other. However, >if I have two sims communicating using HLA, and yet they cannot interoperate >with any other sim, would they be HLA compliant? I think this line of >discussion leads to a VV&A type of compliance declaration. Something like >``ABC sim is HLA compliant (accredited) to do foo in >this_specific_situation.`` > >Joe > >Joseph S. McDonnell, Ph.D. >Principal Scientist >Dynamic Animation Systems (DAS) >Phone: 703.503.0500 >Fax: 703.425.2204 > >-----Original Message----- >From: [log in to unmask] [mailto:[log in to unmask]]On >Behalf Of Beeker, Emmet >Sent: Wednesday, June 28, 2000 10:53 AM >To: SISO - Run-Time Infrastructure and Communications Forum >Subject: RE: HLA Standards Changes for the Single-Process Federation > > >I am still not clear on why the RTI Ambassador needs a pointer to its >calling federate. All messages from the RTI go to the Federate Ambassador. >Messages can be viewed as one-way: Federate->RTI Ambassador and Federate >Ambassador -> Federate > >On your other subject of HLA compliance, I would not think that using an >HLA-like simulation engine would qualify for HLA compliance. The point of >HLA was to allow interoperability of simulations. As Richard Weatherly is >fond of saying, ``There is no simulation so bad that someone will not want to >use it for something.`` If simulations could be certified as HLA-compliant >without actually connecting to another simulation, there would be no point >in requiring HLA-compliance. Stand-alone simulations could pass the test >and never be able to talk with any other federate. > >Emmet Beeker >GRCI, an AT&T Company >[log in to unmask] >The opinions expressed herein are strictly those of >the author and do not necessarily reflect those of GRCI.

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