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Posted on behalf of Dell Lunceford, Simulation Technology Editor We would like to announce the publication of the Special SEDRIS(tm) Edition of the Simulation Technology on-line magazine. This edition of Simulation Technology is an especially informative edition because it focuses on SEDRIS(tm) which is a critical component to support simulation interoperability and the on going standards work in which SISO plays a key role. Several key members of the SEDRIS(tm) and SISO organizations provided a series of short articles (1-2 pages) over a range of topics including: * Description of SEDRIS(tm) * Background and History of SEDRIS(tm) * Components of SEDRIS(tm) * Use of SEDRIS(tm) * SEDRIS(tm) Standards Development Effort * How to get involved You can even test your knowledge of SEDRIS(tm) by taking the Special SEDRIS(tm) Edition of the M&S Quiz! You can find all of this by going to Special thanks go to Jim Shiflett, Farid Mamaghani, Paul Foley, Tim Gifford and Beth Sheldon for their part in the publication of this special and informative edition of the Simulation Technology Magazine!

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