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PRELIMINARY AGENDA 2001 European Simulation Interoperability Workshop Sponsored by the Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization in cooperation with The Society for Computer Simulation - Europe ITEC, Ltd. University of Westminster, Harrow Campus Harrow, Middlesex, UK June 25 - 27, 2001 You are invited to participate in the First European Simulation Interoperability Workshop (SIW), sponsored by SISO in cooperation with SCS-Europe and ITEC, Ltd. This workshop will include the full range of modeling and simulation issues, applications, and communities within SISO`s charter. The Workshop will include multiple tracks and special sessions addressing simulation interoperability issues and proposed solutions; tutorials on state-of-the-art methodologies, tools, and techniques; and exhibits displaying the latest technological advances. This Workshop will enable modeling and simulation (M&S) user and technical communities -- especially those in Europe -- to share ideas and experiences, to identify ways to make distributed simulation more effective and efficient, to support the development of appropriate interoperability standards, and to share insights and experiences related to the High-Level Architecture (HLA). Additional information about this Workshop is posted at the SISO web site: This information will be updated as the final agenda for the Workshop is resolved. MONDAY MORNING -- TUTORIAL SESSIONS Four parallel tutorials will be presented from 0830 to 1200. If a sufficient number of people sign up for more than one tutorial, a second tutorial session is being tentatively planned for Wednesday morning. These tutorial sessions are optional, and are not included in the main registration fee. A $75 fee will be assessed for each tutorial to cover the costs of materials, equipment, facilities, and refreshments. See the fee structure outline below. Scheduled tutorial sessions and tentative presenters include: (1) Federation Development and Execution Process (FEDEP) and Supporting Tools (Jake Borah, AEgis Technologies Group) (2) How to Plan, Set Up and Run a Distributed Simulation Exercise -- Things the RTI won`t Fix (Chris Turrell, IITRI/AB Tech Group; Rich Briggs, Virtual Technology Corporation) (3) Synthetic Environment Data Representation and Interchange Specification (SEDRIS) (Farid Mamaghani, SEDRIS Associates) (4) Creating HLA Interfaces for Simulation Systems (Steffen Strassburger, Universitaet Magdeburg) MONDAY AFTERNOON -- PLENARY SESSION (1330 - 1630) Plenary speakers are expected to include the following Vice Admiral Jeremy J Blackham, Royal Navy (UK), Deputy Chief, Defence Staff (Systems) Admiral Blackham is responsible for procurement and systems functions in the UK, including Synthetic Environment Coordination Office (SECO). He is the UK MOD`s representative on the SE Management Board. Admiral Blackham will discuss the massive changes in UK Defence Procurement leading to the heavy reliance on M&S, and hence the importance of M&S interoperability and standards. Professor Mick Mansell, Director of Business Development, BAE Systems Prof. Mansell chairs the SE Management Board (SEMB), the UK`s joint industry, MOD and University SE consortium. He will address the importance of standards and of continuing international cooperation in the form of workshops and conferences. Lt. Gen. Jan Jonsson, CINC Joint Forces Command, Sweden. General Jonsson was responsibility for the development of the Swedish Air Force 2000, a program based primarily on Simulation Based Acquisition (SBA). He is the Exercise Director for the Partners for Peace SIMNET supported CAX VIKING 01, involving seven countries, and is a member of the Swedish Defence M&S Executive Steering Board. BG (select) Roger A. Nadeau, US Army, Deputy for Systems Acquisition, Aviation and Missile Command General Nadeau is responsible for the life cycle management of several Army aviation platforms and missile systems. His management responsibilities also span the mission areas of aviation, missiles, Theater Missile Defense, and ground robotics. In addition, we expect a representative from the U.S. Defense Modeling and Simulation Office (DMSO) to present an overview of DMSO`s strategy for transition the High Level Architecture for Modeling and Simulation (HLA) to industry and various military services. MONDAY EVENING -- RECEPTION (1700 - 1900) This reception, which includes hors d`oeuvres and a ``cash bar,`` provides an opportunity for all participants in this Workshop to meet and get acquainted. It will be held adjacent to the Exhibits area, so participants may also view the exhibits and talk with the exhibitors. TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY -- TECHNICAL SESSIONS (0830 - 1200 and 1330 - 1700) A total of 99 abstracts were received for this Workshop. The detailed agenda will be determined after the selected papers are received in March. The current plan is to conduct twelve half-day sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday (with coffee breaks in the morning and tea breaks in the afternoon). Three sessions will be held in parallel -- one in the Auditorium and two in adjacent lecture halls. Of the twelve sessions being considered, we anticipate four sessions related to processes and tools for developing, testing, validating, and managing simulations. One session will be devoted to simulation infrastructure issues. One session will focus on the simulation of the natural environment, another on the simulation of the command and control process, and another on the interactions between the simulation of the environment and the simulation of command, control, and communications. Four sessions will focus on user-oriented applications in the areas of simulation-based acquisition, research and development, test and evaluation, analysis, and training. SITE AND ACCOMMODATIONS. The Workshop will be held at the University of Westminster, Harrow Campus (just north of London). Essential site information is already available via a link at the SISO web site: Additional details will be posted as they become available. REGISTRATION. Make Early and Advance registrations on-line at the SISO web link above or by contacting ICMS at 1-800-810-4333 (in the U.S. or Canada), +732-981-3414 (outside the U.S. or Canada), by faxing your request to 732-465-6447, or by emailing it to <[log in to unmask]>. A registration form may be downloaded from the SISO web site. Please note the registration deadlines below. FEE STRUCTURE FOR 2001 EURO-SIW CURRENCY EXCHANGE NOTES. The dollar fees below are the ``official`` fees. Equivalents in pounds sterling and euros are approximate, based on mid-January exchange rates. Credit cards may be used for Advance Registration via the web site registration link; fees will be charged in dollars. On-site registration may be paid in cash (pounds sterling) or traveler`s cheques (in any currency, at the current exchange rates). Credit card payments on-site will be charged in euros. REGISTRATION FEES: Early Registration $425 285 455 (through 5 April) Advance Registration $425 285 455 (through 1 June) On-site Registration $450 300 480 REGISTRATION FEE INCLUDES: All workshop sessions other than optional tutorial sessions. Monday through Wednesday breakfast, coffee break, lunch, and tea. Monday evening reception (hors d`oeuvres with ``cash bar``}. OPTIONAL FEES: Student room (one person), with en-suite shower and toilet, unlimited direct internet connection, pay telephone and cable TV Per night: $50 34 54 (available Sat through Thu nights; must be reserved by 5 April) Tutorials (each) $75 50 80 (up to two tutorials; exact schedule to be announced) Hardcopy Proceedings $75 50 80 (pickup at workshop) Preliminary CD-ROM $15 10 16 (papers only; pickup at workshop) Final CD-ROM $25 17 27 (mailed approximately eight weeks after workshop) SISO MEMBERSHIP. Everyone who registers for this Workshop will receive a SISO membership number, which allows log-ins to the SISO web site,, to download SISO papers, presentations, standards, and documents. This SISO membership number will be valid through the end of 2002, and may be renewed by registering for, and attending, another SISO Workshop before this expiration date. PROGRAM COMMITTEE Dr. Duncan C. 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