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This is a retransmission of the previous message of Friday, 20 April. One of the authors of paper 01S-SIW-021 was inadvertently omitted, for which we apologize. The following papers have been selected by the SISO Conference Committee for inclusion in the Recommended Reading List for the 2001 Spring Simulation Interoperability Workshop. These papers were selected from among those nominated by the Forum PRPs as the ones they thought were most important to be read by the people who didn`t attend their Forums. Taken as a whole, we believe that these papers provide a summary overview of the best ideas presented across the various Forums at this Workshop. The papers are listed below in descending order of consensus among the judges. Equally ranked papers are listed in numerical order. Please note that Andreas Tolk has extended his record winning streak again, receiving his fifth consecutive SIWzie! These papers may be accessed the SISO Web page at the following location: and will be included on the final CD-ROM of papers and presentations for those who ordered it. The SISO Conference Committee extends its congratulations to all of the authors of these papers and expresses its appreciation for their contribution to a very successful Simulation Interoperability Workshop. Duncan Miller for the SISO Conference Committee 2001 SPRING SIMULATION INTEROPERABILITY WORKSHOP CONFERENCE COMMITTEE RECOMMENDED READING LIST 01S-SIW-011 Bridging the Data Gap - Recommendations for Short, Medium and Long Term Solutions Dr. Andreas Tolk, IABG, Germany 01S-SIW-021 Building in Interoperability: A Comparison of C4I Data Models and Simulation Object Models Dr. Steven P. Wartik, Institute for Defense Analyses Dr. Brian A. Haugh, Institute for Defense Analyses Dr. Francisco Loaiza , Institute for Defense Analyses Dr. Michael Hieb, IITRI, Inc. 01S-SIW-070 A General Framework for Modeling Federation Performance Dr. Duncan C. Miller, BBN Technologies Dr. Steven B. Boswell, BBN Technologies 01S-SIW-004 Exploring The Next Generation of Internet Protocols for Distributed Simulation Dr. Martin Robert Stytz, Air Force Research Laboratory Dr. Sheila B. Banks, Calculated Insight 01S-SIW-046 Experiences and Lessons Learned Using RTI-NG in a Large-Scale, Platform-Level Federation Wayne Civinskas, Lockheed-Martin Information Systems Mark Torpey, Lockheed-Martin Information Systems Deborah Wilbert, Lockheed-Martin Information Systems Bill Helfinstine, Lockheed-Martin Information Systems 01S-SIW-137 Representing Goal-Oriented Human Performance in Constructive Simulations: Validation of a Model Performing Complex Time-Critical-Target Missions David G. Hoagland, Air Force Research Laboratory Dr. Edward A. Martin, Air Force Research Laboratory Dr. Martin Anesgart, Air Force Research Laboratory 01S-SIW-057 The Environment Federation: Simulated Environments Impact Tactical Operations Robert Lutz, Johns Hopkins Univ. Applied Physics Lab Robert Richbourg, Institute for Defense Analyses 01S-SIW-066 Investigating HLA Suitability for Real-time Range Applications Daniel C. Bissell, White Sands Missile Range Charles Conroy, White Sands Missile Range 01S-SIW-067 RTI-NG Process Model Roger D. Wuerfel, SAIC Frank J. Hodum, SAIC 01S-SIW-079 Command and Control Simulation: Looking for the Rosetta Stone Michael R. Oakes, BMH Associates 01S-SIW-101 Urban Human Simulation Environments in CTDB Mary Ann Pigora, SAIC Benito Graniela, SAIC Dr. Douglas Reece, SAIC

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