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The SISO elections for 2001-2002 are now complete. Below is the list of officers elected by the members of each SISO committee. Please convey your congratulations and thanks to all those who have been willing to donate their time and energy to these positions. Those elected will formally assume their offices at the close of next month`s SIW. EXCOM Chair: Katz, Warren Vice Chair: Ryan, Mick Secretary: Shiflett, Jim SAC Chair: McKeeby, David Vice Chair: O`Connor, Michael Secretary: Mullins, Tom CC Chair: Severinghaus, Rick Vice Chair: Knight, Sam Secretary: ANL PRP Chair: Totten, James Vice Chair: Illingworth, James Secretary: C4I PRP Chair: Tolk, Andreas Vice Chair: Timian, Donald Secretary: Mullins, Tom EMF PRP Chair: Bort, Dave Vice Chair: Bachman, Jane Secretary: IMPL PRP Chair: Devine, Patricia Vice Chair: Mellby, John Secretary: IO-ISR Chair: Waag, Gary Vice Chair: Sharp, Richard Secretary: Allen, Patrick LIVE PRP Chair: Rieger, Lawrence Vice Chair: Shockley, John Secretary: Hardy, Sharon LOG PRP Chair: Payne, David Vice Chair: Prochnow, David Secretary: Jones, Pat PROC PRP Chair: Lutz, Bob Vice Chair: Borah, Jake Secretary: Bergenthal, Jeff RDE PRP Chair: Jones, Harold Vice Chair: Weber, Ralph Secretary: Givens, Bret RTI&C PRP Chair: Boswell, Steven Vice Chair: Monson, Steve Secretary: SAPD PRP Chair: Thomen, David Vice Chair: Jahren, Tim Secretary: SENS PRP Chair: Janett, Annette Vice Chair: Hembree, Louis Secretary: SNE PRP Chair: Richbourg, Robert Vice Chair: Miller, Dale Secretary: T&E PRP Chair: Buchy, Doug Vice Chair: Lessmann, Kurt Secretary: Hardy, Sharon TRAIN Chair: Wertman, Chris Vice Chair: McKeeby, David Secretary: Johnston, Major Scott VWS PRP Chair: Jahren, Tim Vice Chair: Powers, John Secretary: VV&A PRP Chair: Youngblood, Simone Vice Chair: Metz, Michael Secretary: Solick, Susan

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