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Folks, A more detailed summary of the CGF&BR conference, circulated by the conference chair, Kevin Gluck: ====================== forwarded message ======================= I am pleased to share with you the Program (attached) for the 11th Conference on Computer-Generated Forces and Behavior Representation. The conference will be held May 6-9, 2002 in Orlando, FL. The deadline for advance registration is Tuesday of next week, 30 April. On-line registration forms and other conference materials may be accessed at: This year`s conference includes the following highlights: - Two half-day TUTORIALS ``Validating Human Behavior Representations`` - Scott Harmon ``Introduction to the eXtensible Markup Language`` - Martin Stytz - KEYNOTE ADDRESS by Dr. Randall Shumaker, Director, Institute for Simulation and Training - PLENARY PRESENTATIONS from all 6 government sponsors (ARL, AFRL, DARPA, DMSO, NASA, and ONR) - Two PANEL DISCUSSIONS ``Human Behavior Representation Standards`` ``Increasing Cross-Community Interaction`` - Double SYMPOSIUM on the Navy`s program in Synthetic Cognition for Operational Team Training (SCOTT) - An INTERACTIVE session to provide maximum opportunities for discussion between the presenter and the attendees - TRADITIONAL conference presentations on the following topics (organized by session): Session 1A: Behavior Moderators Session 1B: Knowledge Engineering and Human Behavior Modeling Session 2A: Performance Moderator Functions for Individuals and Crowds Session 2B: Agents as Computer-Generated Forces Session 3A: Agent-based Behavior Representation Session 3B: Human Behavior Representation Requirements Session 4A: Infrastructure and Architectures Session 4B: Realism and Robustness in CGF`s Session 5A: SCOTT/E-2 Symposium and Panel Discussion (Session 1) Session 5B: Modeling Human Behavior in ModSAF and OneSAF Session 6A: SCOTT/E-2 Symposium and Panel Discussion (Session 2) Session 6B: Scaling Up to Aggregate Force and Theatre-Level Representation Session 7A: Validation and Assessment Session 8A: Modeling Decision Making 1 Session 8B: Using CGF`s in Training Session 9A: Modeling Decision Making 2 Session 9B: The Rest of the Best

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