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After each workshop, the Conference Committee solicits nominations from the Session or Forum leadership for papers considered to the ``the most important to be read by the people who were not able to attend the Workshop. Nominated papers are then read by members of the Conference Committee or Program Committee, who vote for the papers considered to the the most significant presented at the workshop. SISO extends our Congratulations to the authors of the following papers that have been selected to receive a 2002 Spring SIW ``SIWzie Award``. These award winning papers are listed in descending order of consensus among the judges. If you wish to view these papers, they can be accessed via the SISO web site at: 02S-SIW-012 Integrating Cardiac and Cardiovascular Simulations Using the HLA Sean Murphy, Johns Hopkins University, APL Dr. Andrew Feldman, Johns Hopkins University, APL Dr. James Coolahan, Johns Hopkins University, APL Robert Lutz, Johns Hopkins University, APL Randy Saunders, Johns Hopkins University, APL 02S-SIW-005 NATO Code of Best Practice for C2 Assessment - Implications for SISO Dr. Andreas Tolk, IABG Professor Reiner K. Huber, ITIS 02S-SIW-063 Designing an HLA Federation Object Model for Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling Dr. Richard Penney, QinetiQ Ltd Dr. John Carson, QinetiQ, Ltd Dr. Peter Hoare, QinetiQ, Ltd Ian Griffiths, Dstl Chemical and Biological Sciences Dr. Martyn Bull, RiskAware Ltd Dr. Tom Stark, Defense Group Inc. Carl Simchick, Defense Group Inc. Donald Warf, Cubic Defense Systems Inc. Walter Zimmers, Defense Threat Reduction Agency 02S-SIW-105 RTI Benchmark Studies Thom McLean, Georgia Institute of Technology Richard Fujimoto, Georgia Institute of Technology Brad Fitzgibbons, Georgia Institute of Technology 02S-SIW-004 Counter Terrorism Simulation: A New Breed of Federation Roger Smith, Titan Systems Corporation 02S-SIW-019 Providing Authoritative Equipment Characteristics and Performance Data to Simulations Using Data Interchange Format Standards Lee Lacy, Dynamics Research Corporation Mike Puhlmann, Dynamics Research Corporation Gabriel Aviles, Dynamics Research Corporation Peter Rigano, Applied Research Associates, Inc. Captain Joel Pawloski, U. S. Army TRAC - Monterey 02S-SIW-026 A Collaborative Environment Architecture for Future Combat Systems (FCS) Modeling and Simulation Peter Eirich, Johns Hopkins University, APL James E. Coolahan, Johns Hopkins University, APL Ellen Purdy, DARPA-PM OF/FCS The Conference Committee thanks the authors of all papers submitted to the SIW. Without them, the workshop would literally not be possible.

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