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Posted for the 2002 SISO Election Committee... As previously announced, SISO is holding its annual elections. As a volunteer organization, we rely on the dedication of our members to enable us to address simulation interoperability issues and to develop relevant standards. We urge each of you to vote, and to seriously consider running for a SISO office. During this election cycle, there are five openings on the Executive Committee (EXCOM). Three of these are the result of expiring three-year terms; the others are the result of resignations (one with one year remaining, the other with two years). There are five expiring terms on the Conference Committee (CC) and five expiring terms on the Standards Activity Committee (SAC). In addition, every PRP slot is open (see list below). Any SISO member is eligible to run for any of the Committee positions and/or any PRP for which he or she is subscribed to that Forum reflector. For information on SISO membership or Forum reflectors, please see our web page at EXCOM members are elected to three-year terms. The primary responsibility of the EXCOM is to provide overall governance, strategic planning, policy, and oversight of policy implementation and general processes within SISO. CC members are elected to two-year terms. The primary responsibility of the CC are to organize and manage the semi-annual workshops and to promote the standardization of interoperable simulations across the M&S community. SAC members are elected to two-year terms. The primary responsibility of the SAC is to provide overall management of the SISO product development process. Forum PRP members are elected to one-year terms. The primary responsibility of PRP members is to coordinate the overall planning for a Forum, including soliciting, reviewing, and hosting papers and presentations. The number of positions on the PRPs are as follows: 7 ANL Analysis 7 C4I Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence 5 EMF Exercise Management 5 IMPL M&S Implementers 7 IO-ISR Information Operations, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance 5 LOG Logistics 7 PROC Federation Development Process 9 RDE Research, Development, and Engineering 7 RTI&C Run-Time Infrastructure and Communications 7 SAPD System Acquisition and Product Development 7 SENS Sensor Modeling 9 SNE Simulated Natural Environment 7 T&E Test and Evaluation 9 TRAIN Training 7 VV&A Verification, Validation, and Accreditation PRP 5 VWS Vehicle/Weapons Systems ``Virtual Forum`` leadership positions are filled by appointment rather than election. However, we would like to use the same self-nomination procedures to recruit capable individuals willing to serve in these leadership roles: ADL/DMT Advanced Distributed Learning and Distributed Mission Training BEH Human Decision Making and Behavior Representation DIS Distributed Interactive Simulation Applications ECON Economics of Simulation GC Grand Challenges FEDPERF Federation Performance Prediction and Optimization IPS Interoperable Process Simulations RPR-FOM Real-time Platform-level Reference Federation Object Model As you can see, there are many opportunities to participate and a variety of roles to play within the organization. More detailed information about these roles is available from the SISO web site,, and from the SISO Policies and Procedures document. We again urge each member of SISO to thoughtfully consider running for office. Key dates for this election are as follows: Fri Apr 19 Self-nominations open via ``Elections`` page on Web site Fri May 10 Self-nominations close; reflector subscriptions frozen for purposes of voting eligibility Fri May 17 Voting begins via ``Elections`` page on Web site Mon May 31 Voting ends Fri Jun 7 Results announced HOW TO SELF-NOMINATE To self-nominate, go to the web page at and enter your email address and your SISO membership number. The email address entered *must* match what`s listed for you in SISO`s database. If in doubt, go to the SISO ``Reflectors`` page, click the ``Looking for Someone?`` link, enter your name, and see what email address is listed for you. You can update any of your contact information at If you`ve lost your SISO membership number, there`s a form on the elections page where you can enter the email address we have on file for you (see above) and cause your membership number to be emailed to that address. When self-nominating, you will be asked to enter brief answers to the following questions: * why you want to serve and why you should be elected * what simulation communities or workshop forums you represent * relevant experience relative to SISO * recent accomplishments relevant to SISO The answers to these questions from all self-nominees will be posted for perusal by the voters before voting begins on May 17. Duncan Miller Executive Director (C/WA) Election Committee: John Armitstead, Susan Harkrider, Mick Ryan, Dan Schiavone, David Wells

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