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The early registration deadline for the 2002 Fall Simulation Interoperability Workshop (SIW) is 28 July. The preliminary agenda is posted at for your convenience, the opening paragraphs are included below. See the website for further details, including the special Monday seminar and plenary address by Winn Schwartau, well-known security expert, on ``Information Warfare, from the Inside Out``. PRELIMINARY AGENDA 2002 Fall Simulation Interoperability Workshop Sponsored by the Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization The Holiday Inn International Drive Orlando, FL 8-13 September 2002 You are invited to participate in the 2002 Fall Simulation Interoperability Workshop (SIW). The SIW is a semiannual event encompassing a broad range of model and simulation issues, applications, and communities, with the overall goal of identifying and supporting the development of products to facilitate simulation interoperability standards and reuse. The SIW includes working sessions addressing interoperability and reuse requirements and issues; tutorials on state-of-the-art methodologies, tools, and techniques; and exhibits presenting the latest technological advances. 2002 FALL SIW FOCUS: Modeling Network Centric Warfare and Information Warfare Plenary session speakers will include members of military and other organizations who are leading efforts to define operational concepts, organizations, and equipment requirements for network centric warfare. This transformational approach to military operations leverages highly reliable information connectivity, advanced sensors, and powerful computational capability to give entire forces, down to the lowest levels, near-perfect ability to see through the fog of war, act swiftly and confidently, and win decisively. Network centric warfare presents unique challenges and great opportunities to the modeling and simulation community. Numerous sensors and unmanned vehicles need to be modeled in a consistent manner. Advanced, highly automated, command and control systems need to be modeled in the early development stages, and then directly integrated into simulation federations for operational testing and for exercises once the new systems are fielded. New C4ISR systems will also need to embed training simulations into their on-board computers, and be able to use simulations as decision aids and as rehearsal environments. Finally, many of the technical challenges addressed by distributed simulation over the past decade are resurfacing as problems in network connectivity, capacity, and management for proposed network centric forces. Come join us as SISO explores this exciting new area, and see what SISO has to offer in meeting these challenges. M&S PROGRAM BRIEFINGS To facilitate communication among SISO members and sponsors, we invite briefings regarding M&S-related programs under development or in procurement, such as the USAF Distributed Mission Training (DMT), Distributed Mission Operations (DMO), and Joint Synthetic Battlespace (JSB) programs, the US Army`s Joint Virtual Battlespace (JVB) program, and the US Navy`s Naval Aviation Simulation Master Plan (NASMP).

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