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This is to announce the beginning of an open enrollment period for the
Simulation Interoperability  Standards Committee (SISC) IEEE Balloting
Who is the SISC? The SISC is the group of interested individuals from
Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization (SISO) and elsewhere
are interested in working on Modeling and Simulation Standards with the
IEEE.  As an official committee under the IEEE Computer Society (IEEE
the SISC must maintain a pool of interested individuals for balloting
current and future standardization efforts.

In the final steps of developing IEEE standards, a ballot pool of
individuals is established.  Once the pool has been established and the
product is approved to go to ballot by SISC, an invitation to ballot is
mailed to each individual in the pool.  Those individuals who return the

invitation to ballot form the balloting group.  It is this balloting
which will receive both the ballot and the document(s) to be balloted.

The existing SISC balloting pool was established to support the
standardization of the High Level Architecture (HLA) specifications (now

IEEE 1516, 1516.1, and 1516.2).  Last month, with the authority granted
it by the SISC this past March, the HLA Federation Development and
Process (FEDEP) Working Group unanimously approved a motion to bring the

FEDEP document (1516.3) to ballot.  At this time, we wish to provide
interested individuals with an opportunity to join the ballot pool from
the FEDEP balloting group will be drawn.

HOW TO JOIN THE BALLOT POOL: There is a web page available through the
IEEE web site where this information can be captured on-line.  The URL

Just fill out the information on the top of the form, and check the
Society ``Simulation Interoperability`` box.  The suspense date for this
activity is Close of Business (COB) EST 12 August 2002.

WHAT HAPPENS NEXT: Once the ballot pool is compiled, the IEEE will then
an invitation to ballot for the FEDEP document.  Since the pool is for
in general, only return your invitation if you intend to ballot the
document, 1516.3.  Note that there is a time limit for this activity.
returned invitations then form the balloting group.

In order to vote on the ballot, IEEE membership, and IEEE Standards
Activity (SA) membership is required.  More details on this can be

The members of the balloting group will then receive the ballot and the
requested draft standard.  Further instructions will be provided at that


I sincerely hope that you will take this opportunity to join the
pool for SISC, and will give serious consideration to balloting the
1516.3 FEDEP document, and future standards of SISC.  Please pass this
announcement on to other interested individuals and organizations.


Phil Zimmerman
Simulation Interoperability Standards Committee Chair

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