SISO Community,
SISO has recently approved the start up of the Simulation Conceptual
Modeling Study Group (SG) and the Transfer of Control Study Group described
below. Reflectors have been established for both of these efforts. If you
are interested in either the Simulation Conceptual Modeling SG or Transfer
of Control SG we encourage you to join the reflector as a first step.
Instructions for subscribing to either the SIW-SG-SCM reflector or SIW-SG-TC
reflector are included below.
Simulation Conceptual Modeling SG:
To view the Simulation Conceptual Modeling Study Group TOR go to:

Transfer of Control SG: The TC SG is reviewing the DIS and HLA standards
regarding transfer of control (also known as transfer ownership) to address
design deficiencies and provide clarifications and recommended changes to
the standards. Presently, known organizations that have implemented transfer
control are not able to interoperate with each other due to different
interpretations of the standards. Also, the required enumerations have not
been submitted to the IEEE DIS Enumeration Document. The study group will
coordinate and strive to achieve consensus on needed changes to the
standards and develop a set of enumerations for internal data exchanged as
part of the transfer process.
To view the Transfer of Control Study Group TOR go to:

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The subject may be anything you wish, but the body MUST have ONLY ONE LINE
as follows ... subscribe CONFERENCE First Last In place of ``CONFERENCE``
substitute the name of the conference you wish to join. Provide your first
and last names as shown. E.g., ... subscribe SAC-PDG-LINK16 Robert Reed OR
subscribe SIW-SG-NASMP Robert Reed
You can also subscribe by visiting the SISO web site conference web page

and subscribe using the web page. Don`t forget to submit!

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