SISO has been working with IEEE to recognize the SISO SAC as a sponsor of IEEE standards.  As part of this process IEEE has reviewed the SISO P&P and recommend several changes.  The recommended changes focus on ensuring the openness of the standards process.  SISO has revised the P&P to address these recommendations.  The draft P&P (SISO-ADM-002-DRAFT-V1.1) is attached and will be posted to the SISO web site.  The SISO P&P requires that changes to the P&P be available for comment for 30 days before being approved by the affected committees.  This email opens the comment period.  The comment period will close on 31 October 2003.

If you would like to comment or review other comments please join the SISO reflector SISO-PP.  This can be done via the SISO web site at:
Please post all comments to this reflector.

The changes in this draft only address the recommendations of the IEEE.  It is anticipated that early next year additional changes will be made to the P&P to address other issues.



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