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For each SISO workshop, the Conference Committee solicits nominations from the Session or Forum leadership for papers considered to the ``the most important to be read by the people who were not able to attend the Workshop.`` Nominated papers are then read by members of the Conference Committee or Program Committee, who vote for the papers considered to the the most significant presented at the workshop. SISO extends our congratulations to the authors of the following papers that have been selected to receive a 2003 Fall SIW ``SIWzie Award``. These papers may be accessed via the SISO web site at On the web page, they are listed in numerical order. Below, they are listed in descending order of consensus among the judges, with the highest rated papers listed first. 03F-SIW-007 The Levels of Conceptual Interoperability Model Andreas Tolk Old Dominion University, VMASC James Muguira Old Dominion University, VMASC 03F-SIW-037 Progressing Towards Interoperability: Using the Lifting Scheme for Multi-resolution Terrain Databases Chan Huynh PEO STRI Guy Schiavone PhD IST/UCF Clark D. Stevens PEO STRI Tao Tao UCF 03F-SIW-070 Understanding the C4I - M&S Technical Reference Model, Other Models, and Standards Francis Carr The MITRE Corporation 03F-SIW-080 Capturing Intent-Of-Use Meta-Data for the Conceptual Model - A Key to Component Reuse Paul Gustavson SimVentions Chris Turrell DMSO Philomena Zimmerman DMSO/NRL 03F-SIW-121 Modeling and Simulation Integration with Network-Centric Command and Control Architectures John Daly Daconic Systems Inc Andreas Tolk Old Dominion University, VMASC 03F-SIW-010 Further Studies on the Feasibility of a Distributed ISS and HTV Simulation Grace Lauderdale United Space Alliance Edwin Z. Crues Ph.D Titan Corporation David Hasan Titan Corporation Danielle Snyder United Space Alliance 03F-SIW-109 Manufacturing BOMs with SRML for Process-Oriented Federations Steven Reichenthal Boeing Paul Gustavson SimVentions 03F-SIW-098 A Practical Guide to Implementing a Biomedical Federation Using the 1516 RTI with the C++ Interface Sean Murphy The Johns Hopkins University APL Robert Lutz The Johns Hopkins University APL 03F-SIW-097 The Critical Role of Metadata in JSF Development Roy Scrudder Applied Research Lab, Univ. of Texas Dr. Henson Graves LM Aero - JSF Steve Hix Paradigm Technologies, Inc. James Hollenbach Simulation Strategies, Inc. J. Chris Johnson LM Aero - JSF Tom Teigen LM Aero - Info Systems & Technology 03F-SIW-022 Performance Measurement Challenges in Distributed Mission Training Environments Eric Watz Lockheed Martin Dr. Winston Bennett Air Force Research Laboratory Loren Keck Lockheed Martin James McCall Simulation Technologies Inc. Brian Schreiber Lockheed Martin The Conference Committee also thanks the authors of all papers submitted to the SIW. Without them, the workshop would literally not be possible.

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