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Title: RPR FOM 2.0 and GRIM 2.0

Description: The Real-time Platform Reference Federation Object Model (RPR
FOM) is designed to organize the attributes and interactions of DIS into a
robust HLA reference FOM class hierarchy. Version 1.0 of the RPR FOM met
these requirements for IEEE 1278.1-1995. Version 2.0 extends version 1.0 to
capture the functionality of IEEE 1278.1a-1998. The RPR FOM accompanies the
Guidance, Rationale and Interoperability Manual (GRIM). The GRIM provides
the usage rules, definitions, descriptions and rationale not otherwise
specified within the standard FOM format.

If you are interested in participating in the electronic ballot, you must
respond by November 26, 2003.  To view the Invitation to Ballot please go

Obligations and Responsibilities of Balloters


If you choose to participate in this electronic ballot, once the ballot
opens you will be provided the URLs for the subject documents and the ballot
form. There are two documents to be reviewed in this ballot, the GRIM which
is 164 pages long and the FOM which is 94 pages long. You will have 30 days
to review the document and return the ballot with your vote. The SISO
requires that a minimum of 75% of the balloting group return their ballots
for the ballot to be valid. By joining the ballot group, an individual
commits to conducting a thorough review of the product, completing the
review in the required time period, and submitting the written ballot by the
due date. As such, by agreeing to participate in this ballot you have an
obligation to respond.

Failure to return a completed ballot may cause your name to be removed from
the Invitation to Ballot list (i.e., the balloting pool), precluding your
receiving Invitations to participate in future Ballots.

NOTE: This obligation to respond described above does not apply to
Re-circulation Ballots (an additional ballot of a document you have
previously voted on). You only need to respond to a Re-circulation Ballot if
you wish to change your initial vote. If you do not respond to a
Re-circulation Ballot, your last recorded vote will be carried forward.

The names of all voters will be listed in the front matter of the standard
when it is published. No contact information or how you voted will be
included. The paragraph above the balloting group listed will state: ``The
following members of the balloting group voted on this standard. Balloters
may have voted for approval, disapproval, or abstention.``

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