Simulation Community,

I wanted to take this opportunity to make three (3) announcements:

1) The SISO EXCOM has approved the adoption of the Simulationist`s
Code of Ethics, a professional code which governs the ethical
behavior of practitioners in our field.  The code is linked to the SISO
web site on the ``About SISO`` page at
I encourage you to read it (it`s short) and promulgate it within your

2) Also on that page is a link to the M&S Professional Certification
Program, co-sponsored by NTSA, SISO and SCS.  This is an exam
and certification process that confirms and individual`s competence
in the science and profession of modeling and simulation.  By defining
M&S as a profession, we hope to promote consistency in the quality
of practitioners of M&S,  recognize the leaders of our industry, and
create an educational curriculum to advance our area of practice.

3) Finally, I want to wish you all a Happy and Healthy Holiday
Season and New Year.   2003 was an ``eventful`` year in world
affairs.  Let`s hope 2004 brings peace and prosperity to those
who currently are lacking in either.

Best Regards,
Warren Katz

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