During the Fall 2003 SIW, the Open RTI Protocol (ORTI) Study Group held a kickoff meeting to discuss the Terms of Reference (TOR) and further define our work products and scope.  After a great deal of discussion, a major premise of our TOR concerning the importance of Heterogeneous RTI Interoperability, was questioned.  

The previously held RTI Interoperability Study Group concluded the following statement in their final report (99F-SIW-001):
``We must develop a means by which different RTIs can talk to each other - we need to be able to have heterogeneous RTIs. Heterogeneous interoperability is good; its good from a cost-effective standpoint, it`s good from a competition standpoint, it`s good from the standpoint of community growth.``

The ORTI Study Group determined that this statement may be dated and may or may not reflect current desires for RTI development.

There was much discussion from RTI developers that in order to support the various RTI services for different users (e.g.: fast performance, real time federations versus time managed federations), design decisions are made that are in conflict with Heterogeneous RTI Interoperability.

The question we pose to the community is whether or not Heterogeneous RTI Interoperability should be a goal for future RTI development and is it technically feasible?

The ORTI Study Group is soliciting responses to this question to be posted to the ORTI reflector, which will be summarized at the Spring 2004 SIW.

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