This is a friendly reminder that we need all of you to review and provide comments on the SISO-STD-003.3-Draft-V0.8 Guide for Base Object Model (BOM) Use and Implementation. This document is out for its first 30-day review period, and we are about halfway into that period.  The review period ends 30 June 2004. 

SISO-STD-003.3-Draft-V0.8 can be accessed from the following link: ..  All comments against the specification must be made via the SISO web-based review process in order to be officially accepted, counted, and tracked.  Upon closure of this first review period, the Drafting Group will be given time to establish recommended responses to the comments. The recommended responses will then be vetted and adjudicated through the PDG. Based on the PDG`s acceptance (either `as is` or `with modification`) or rejection of the comment and its associated recommendation, the DG will update the specification and present the updated version to the Assigned Reviewers for verification and accountability checks.  Once the Assigned Reviewers have provided their acceptance and approval, the updated document will be re-published to the PDG.

Remember that this specification is only as good as we make it, your involvement is needed and desired.  All comments are welcome and all comments will be professionally and carefully considered. 

Larry Root, SimVentions Inc.

P.S.  The PDG Chair would like to extend his personal thanks to the DG Team for their hard work and many hours expended in getting the Guidance Specification to the point of public review. Your professionalism and persistent efforts are much appreciated!

P.S.S. Also, let`s remember that SISO-STD-003.3-DRAFT-V0.8 is:

Copyright  2004 by the Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization, Inc.
P.O. Box 781238
Orlando, FL 32878-1238, USA
All rights reserved.

SISO-STD-003.3-DRAFT-V0.8 is an unapproved draft of a proposed SISO trial-use specification document.  As such, this document is subject to change.  USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!Because this is an unapproved draft, this document must not be utilized for any conformance/compliance purposes.  Permission is hereby granted for SISO developing committee participants to reproduce this document for purposes of SISO product development activities only.  Prior to submitting this document to another standards development organization for standardization activities, permission must first be obtained from the SISO Standards Activity Committee (SAC).  Other entities seeking permission to reproduce this document, in whole or in part, must obtain permission from the SISO Executive Committee (EXCOM) @ SISO EXCOM, P.O. Box 781238, Orlando, FL 32878-1238, USA.
This document was created as a community effort by the Base Object Model Product Development Group (PDG).  This PDG was chartered by the Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization (SISO) Standards Activity Committee (SAC) on January 15, 2003.  This document would not have been possible without the hard work and dedicated efforts of the following individuals:
Product Development Group Officers
PDG Chair: Lawrence M. Root, PDG Vice-Chair: Bob Lutz, PDG Secretary: Jane T. Bachman, SAC TAD: Chris Rouget

Drafting Group Team
Lead Editor: Paul Gustavson, Bjrn Lfstrand, Stephen M. Goss, Steven W. Reichenthal, Roy Scrudder, Jake Borah, and Chris Turrell

Assigned Reviewers 
Doug Clark, George Hughes, Mark McAuliffe, Reed Little, Staffan Lf, Chris Rouget, Graham Shanks, Jerome Soller

Technical Editing
Troy Sizemore

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