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A quick update regarding the 2005 Spring SIW in San Diego: On Monday evening, 4 April, after the joint SISO/SCS reception, we will present a series of Network Centric M&S Demonstrations in conjunction with our selected workshop focus, Modeling and Simulation for Network Centric Operations in the Global Information Grid Brief descriptions of the scheduled demonstrations are provided below. A detailed agenda including the activities of the various Forums, Study Groups, and Product Development Groups is posted at Registration details are also provided on this web page. Please forward this message to relevant email lists, inside or outside your organization, to help us reach other people who may be interested. ------------------------------------------------------------------ 2005 Spring Simulation Interoperability Workshop sponsored by the Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization Hilton Mission Valley, San Diego, CA 3-8 April 2005 This year`s Spring SIW is co-located with the 2005 Spring Simulation Multiconference (SpringSim`05), sponsored by The Society for Modeling and Simulation International (SCS). We will conduct a shared Monday evening reception and refreshment breaks, as well as shared exhibit space. Anyone registered for either event will be able to attend any scheduled sessions at either conference. ------------------------------------------------------------------ 2005 SPRING SIW FOCUS: Modeling and Simulation for Network Centric Operations in the Global Information Grid The SISO Spring 05 SIW will focus on M&S support of the GIG. This includes both M&S to model network centric operations as well as M&S services to support the warfighter operationally and for training. This workshop will provide a forum for conversation among Warfighters and developers regarding standards for development and employment of M&S within the services` network centric warfare environments such as FORCEnet and FCS, including M&S in support of training, operations, and acquisition of FORCEnet, FCS, or GIG-related capabilities. Theme Chair: Katherine L. Morse <[log in to unmask]> ------------------------------------------------------------------ Network Centric M&S Demonstrations Currently confirmed demonstrations include: * FORCEnet Ballistic Missile Defense Limited Objective Experiment (LOE) and Integrated Prototype Demonstration (IPD) This demo provides visualization of the various C4ISR technologies and initiatives associated with Trident Warrior 2004, a major FORCEnet/Sea Trial experiment conducted in the Fall of 2004. The animation introduces various forces including an Expeditionary Strike Group, submarine, UAV, strike aircraft, blue and red ground forces, and ashore communications facilities. Realistic 3-D imagery and multiple, moving viewpoints allow viewers to easily follow the scenario that includes reconnaissance activity, conventional air strike, and a Tomahawk Land Attack Missile attack. The best value of the animation however is the visualization of communication paths between the various participants. * Net Centric Warfare Chem-Bio Demo, incorporating o JEM - The Joint Effects Model (JEM) will provide the DoD standard hazard prediction model, capable of providing Joint Warfighters with the ability to accurately model and predict the time-phased impact of Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) and Toxic Industrial Chemical/Material (TIC/TIM) events and effects and provide the ability to display to the Common Operational Picture (COP). It will operate in an integrated fashion with operational and tactical C4ISR systems, and in a stand-alone mode. JEM will interface and communicate with JWARN, JOEF, weather systems, intelligence systems and various databases. o JOEF - The Joint Operational Effects Federation (JOEF) provides the Joint Forces Commander and the Joint Warfighter a simulation based decision support system to assess the risk and allocate resources with respect to Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) and Toxic Industrial Material (TIM) hazards. JOEF is primarily intended to be a CBRN Defense planning and decision support tool. It will be used by strategic and operational commanders and their CBRN staffs for examining various ``what-if`` conditions to determine the impact of CBRN attacks on operations, logistics, and medical support. o JWARN - The Joint Warning and Reporting Network (JWARN) is a computer-based application that networks CBRN sensors directly with Joint and Service Command and Control (C2) systems. JWARN automatically receives alerts from the sensor network, generates a plot of the hazard area, displays it on the Common Operational Picture (COP), and generates the warning message to units within the hazard area. JWARN reduces the time from incident observation to warning to less than two minutes, enhances situational awareness throughout the area of operations, and supports Warfighter battle management tasks. * Composable FORCENet (not yet confirmed)

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