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Posted on behalf of Frank Carr, related to Global Information Grid Modeling and Simulation Communities of Interest (GIG M&S COI) From: Frank Carr [mailto:[log in to unmask]] Sent: Monday, April 11, 2005 12:42 PM To: [log in to unmask] Cc: `Frank Carr` Subject: A Note from the GIG M&S COI Dear Colleagues, On behalf of the M&S COI, I`d like to express our appreciation for the chance to address the participants at the Spring 2005 SIW in San Diego. We feel that we had several productive sessions with workshop members and hope that the relationship will continue to our mutual benefit. At the Thursday afternoon session, there was an excellent discussion on the M&S COI Focus Group activities. To recap this discussion for those who were unable to attend, we are starting up separate Focus Groups to explore the areas of Data Mediation and Metadata requirements for the M&S Community on the Global Information Grid (GIG). These groups were identified and approved by the COI Executive Board (MSWG) with the descriptions listed below. Those who are interested in participating in these discussions are encouraged to sign up on the maillist reflectors listed beneath the respective descriptions. The first order of business for each Focus Group will be to refine (if necessary) the activity description, identify participants, and produce a list of deliverables and schedule. These items will be briefed at the upcoming COI meeting on 19 Apr 05 at DMSO in the Afternoon. To facilitate this, there will be a coordinating telecon for each group, and a working meeting scheduled for the 19 Apr morning. If there are any additional questions about these activities, please do not hesitate to ask. Finally, there is a general maillist for those who are interest in following the activities of the M&S COI. And as part of the activities which were done at the SIW, we will be discussing setting up an additional Focus Group which will be looking at the area of M&S Services. Frank General Interest Maillist: Data Mediation Focus group to examine issues of Data Mediation for M&S on the GIG. Will assess use of existing standards (e.g. Command and Control Information Exchange Data Model [C2IEDM]), deficiencies of each, and their potential for cross-COI coordination. This may include an assessment phase and/or a specification phase. Data Mediation Maillist: Telecon: When: April 14, 2005, 02:00 PM America/New_York Call: 703 883 1550 in Washington or Toll Free 866-648-7367, Conference ID: 8490 Metadata Focus group to develop: standard use case(s) for M&S Metadata in the GIG; a business case for M&S Metadata; assessment of current programs using extensions to DoD Discovery Metadata Specification (DDMS); and exploration of the need to provide M&S COI specific fields to the DDMS. Metadata Maillist: Telecon: When: April 14, 2005, 03:30 PM America/New_York Call: 703 883 1550 or Toll Free 866-648-7367, Conference ID: 9844

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