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SISO community: After each workshop or conference, the Conference Committee or Program Committee solicits nominations from the Session or Forum leadership for papers considered to be ``the most important to be read by the people who were not able to attend the Workshop or Conference.`` Nominated papers are then read by the members of the Conference Committee or Program Committee, who vote for the papers considered to be the most significant presented at the workshop. Below is the list of those papers that have received 2004 Fall ``SIWzie`` Awards. The papers listed below are in descending order of consensus among the judges, with the highest rated papers listed first. These papers are posted at http://www.sisostds.org//siw/05spring/readlist.htm and may be downloaded by current SISO members. Papers from previous conferences may be downloaded by anyone. 05S-SIW-084 Understanding the BOM Metadata and Making It Work For You Robert Lutz, JHU/APL Paul Gustavson, SimVentions Jane Bachman, NSWCDD - TEAMS Roy Scrudder, Applied Research Laboratories 05S-SIW-007 Taxonomies, Ontologies, and Battle Management Languages - Recommendations for the Coalition BML Study Group Dr. Andreas Tolk, VMASC Curtis Blais, Naval Postgraduate School MOVES Institute 05S-SIW-133 The Challenge of Environmental Data Interoperability on the Global Information Grid Virginia Dobey, SAIC Peter Eirich, The Johns Hopkins Univ. Applied Physics Lab 05S-SIW-064 Mixing Service Oriented and High Level Architectures in Support of the GIG Bjrn Mller, Pitch Technologies Staffan Lf, Pitch Technologies 05S-SIW-088 RPR-BOM Initiative: Providing a Set of Applicable BOMs to the M&S Community Paul Gustavson, SimVentions Larry Root, SimVentions Tram Chase, SimVentions 05S-SIW-148 The Integration of Modeling and Simulation with Joint Command and Control on the Global Information Grid Dr. Andreas Tolk, VMASC Leslie Winters, HQDA G-3/5/7 Battle Command, Simulation and Experimentation 05S-SIW-154 Integrating Air and Ground Operations within a Common Battle Management Language Dr. Andreas Tolk, VMASC Dr J Mark Pullen, George Mason University Mr William Sudnikovich, Atlantic Consulting Services, Inc. David Perme, Gestalt, LLC Michael Hieb, Alion Science & Technology 05S-SIW-019 Web Services based on the C2IEDM - Data Mediation and Data Storage Chuck Turnitsa, VMASC Dr. Andreas Tolk, VMASC Bo Sun, VMASC Saikou Diallo, VMASC Kevin Dupigny, VMASC 05S-SIW-048 Developing Fault Tolerant Federations Using HLA Evolved Bjrn Mller, Pitch Technologies Bjrn Lfstrand, Pitch Technologies Mikael Karlsson, Pitch Technologies 05S-SIW-098 The Environmental Data Coding Specification and its SISO Role Robert Richbourg, Ph.D., Institue for Defense Analyses Annette Janett, Lockheed-Martin Information Systems David Jodeit, ITT Industries Paul Foley, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency Virginia Dobey, SAIC Ronald Moore, SAIC 05S-SIW-061 Approximating Sensor Footprints With HLA DDM Rectangles: Circles, Sectors, and Non-Axis-Parallel Rectangles Mikel D. Petty, Ph.D., Old Dominion University

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