Greetings Subscribers to the SISO Simulation Conceptual Modeling Study
Group Reflector,  this is the first of the three emails that I had
promised the attendees of the Spring 05 SIW SCM SG meeting.
Attached is SCM SG presentation and the 3rd version of the Conceptual
Modeling Bibliography.
If you will open the presentation, you will see that three homework
assignments were made on slides 33 to 35.  These homework assignments
were made to support a strategy to transition simulation conceptual
modeling from a study group to a product development group.
This email is in response to the second bullet of Homework Assignment 1.
All of the subscribers to the SCM SG reflector have been informed of the
Spring 05 SIW activities and the homework assignments.  
The next email will contain the ``Introductory Statement`` for you to
review and comment upon during the next two weeks.
The third email will address the bibliography annontation work.  
I look forward to hearing from you.
Jake Borah
Simulation Conceptual Modeling Study Group Chair.  

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