Andreas has a good point (along with Graham). As the number of SGs increase,
the number of final reports increase and we don't want to reduce the numbers
of non_SG SIWzies, but we also don't want to increase our workload. However,
those who present papers for SG final reports have put in a lot of effort
and deserve some credit/recognition.

Maybe the procedure is that PRP chairs can nominate SG final reports for a
special category of SIWzie (just so we don't recognize the "codswallop" i.e.
B.S. ones), but we, the CC, don't review them, we automatically give them a
special SG Final Report SIWzie. This would not count towards the PRPs
potential SIWzie nominations from "regular" papers, would not increase our
workload, but these would be announced and presented at the plenary.



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This is not the problem. As the C4I forum believed that the study groups
on C-BML and MSDL should be mentioned, we put them onto our RRL list,
which already put us to two nominees. They were not outstanding C4I apers,
but we felt that it is the right thing to do. We added the unambiguous
C4I choice (Kelso/Sprinkle/Whitehead) paper and had three. Then we
decided that this is enough, so we dropped the other papers originally on
the list. Other forums did not do this with the SG/PDG. In order to
support a common level of evaluation, we would like to see a procedure to
follow, therefore the questions of SIWzies and SG/PDG reports.
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