I’m following up on my action item from this morning’s SAC telecon to
produce a standard SISO overview (since I have to give just such a briefing
at the AICC meeting in January-February). One of the key items to bring up
to date is the list of SGs/PDGs/SSGs. I’ve copied out what was in the
previous draft version of the briefing and made some obvious edits, but some
of the details might still be wrong. Would the TADs please send directly to
me corrections for their assignments? I’ll post the updated briefing when I
get a solid draft. Note: if you see a funny icon w/an x in a box, those
were right-pointing arrows in the original font.

Study Groups:
* Base Object Model (BOM) ? SISO-STD-003x
* C4ISR Simulation Interoperability Technical Reference Model
* Core Manufacturing Simulation Data (CMSD) ? SISO-STD-005x
* COTS Simulation Package Interoperability (CSPI) ? SISO-GUIDE-002x
* DIS ? IEEE 1278.1-200x
* Dynamic Link Compatible (DLC) HLA API ? SISO-STD-004x
* Environmental Data Coding Standard (EDCS) ? ISO Product
* HLA Evolved ? IEEE 1516-200x, 1516.1-200x, 1516.2-200x
* Link 16 ? SISO-STD-002x
* Realtime Platform Reference (RPR) FOM ? SISO-STD-001x
* VV&A Overlay to FEDEP ? SISO-GUIDE-001x
* Coalition Battle Management Language (CBML) ? Final Report ? PDG
* Discrete-Event Systems Specification (DEVS) ? Interim Report
* HLA Performance Recommended Practice (HPRP)
* Medical Modeling and Simulation Interoperability (MM&S)
* Military Scenario Definition Language (MSDL) ? Final Report ? PDG
* Mode 5/S IFF
* Simulation Conceptual Modeling (SCM)
* Simulation Reference Markup Language (SRML) ? Final Report ? PDG
* Transfer of Control (TC)
Standing Study Groups:
* Common Image Generator Interface (CIGI)

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