Please find attached later/last version of the CRM dated 21st December 2005,
which I received from Joe Sorroche (PDG Chair) today and supercedes the CRM
version dated 7th December 2005.


Chris Rouget
SAC TAD for the LINK16 PDG
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Subject: PAP for SISO-STD-002-006 (LINK16 Simulation)

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Please find attached a zip-archive, which contains part of the Product
Approval Package (PAP) for SISO-STD-002-006 (LINK16 Simulation).

Be prepared to review the contents and provided any comments that would
enable this SISO Standard to be approved by the SAC.

I have also attached the SISO-STD-002-006 document, which shows my
changes to the copy I received on 25-Jan-2006 (dated 22-Dec-2005).

If the SAC can obtain approval by COP on Sunday before the SIW, I may
seek EXCOM approval on Tuesday next.


Chris Rouget
Preforce Consultants Limited
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-- Attachment: SISO_STD_002_LINK16_PAP_Issue1.zip

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