Are you asking the SAC's permission to engage with IEEE?

Do you want to send any wide announcement to SISO members to encourage them
to join the IEEE CS SAB prior to a particular date so you can make sure that
the ballot pool will have adequate representation from SISO?


Mark McCall (Anteon Corp.)
Warfighter Readiness Research Division
Air Force Research Laboratory
6030 S. Kent St. Bldg 561
Mesa, AZ 85212

(480) 988-6561 x231
DSN 474-6231

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The HLA Evolved PDG expects to be ready to ballot by early to mid-August and
wishes to begin forming a ballot pool.

Katherine L. Morse, Ph.D.
Chief Scientist, AVP Technology
10260 Campus Point Drive, MS A1, San Diego, CA 92121
(858)826-6728; (858)826-2084 (fax); (858)775-8651 (cell)

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