Much as it pains me to do so ;-), I have to agree w/Reed that the PDG should
choose the DG editor(s). If the editor fails to do his/her job, it's the
PDG that will suffer the immediate consequences and have to take corrective

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All - the recent change of the P&P to establish Product Support Groups
required changes to the BPDP to address what PSGs would be responsible for
and how they would operate. As with the P&P, we are also looking at other
sections of the BPDP for inconsistencies and problems. We expect to put
this draft document out on SISO-SAC and on SISO-SG-PDG-Leaders for a wider
review before the end of April.

Reed points out an issue with the current BPDP that needs some broader
discussion from current and previous SAC members.

Our current BPDP states that the DG Editor would be nominated by the PDG
Chair and TAD and approved by the SAC. It also states that an Assistant DG
Editor, would be nominated by the PDG and approved by the SAC.

There are three issues here:

1) Why is the DG Editor nominated by the Chair and TAD? I suppose that at
one point the authors of an earlier BPDP were concerned that the DG Editor
needed to be selected based on a clear understanding of the Chair and TAD of
the person's availability and dependability rather than being elected based
partly on the willingness to serve and partly on popularity.

2) Given the responsibilities, if the DG Editor is nominated by the Chair
and TAD, why is the Assistant DG Editor nominated by the PDG?

3) Why does the SAC have approval of these positions and not have approval
of the Chair, Vice Chair, or Secretary. Since the P&P provides the SAC the
ability to remove any officer of a PDG by 2/3s vote, why would the SAC
specifically want to approve the editors. What would be the criteria for

I would like to get some input from the discussion that would help me make
an appropriate revision in this area.


Mark McCall

SAC Secretary and P&P/BPDSP DG Editor

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