SAC & Lurkers,

As you are aware, Katherine, Peggy, and myself have been working on a revision of the BPDP, called the Ballotted Products Development and Support Process, primarily to add the Product Support Group concept, but also to clear up some of the guidance that we have for the PDGs.  We have also attempted to fix some of the issues that various PDGs have identified over the last couple of years.

The attached is the most current draft of the BPDSP.  We are still working on the templates for Appendix D and will be adding these in the near future.  We would like for you to conduct one final review of the draft prior to it's being posted for full SISO review. 

Since most of the changes have been discussed piecemeal and since an earlier version of the document has been available on the private reflector, I am going to ask each of you to make an effort to review this and be prepared to make a decision on 2 May for the document to be posted for SISO review by 3 May.  This would allow for final revisions and a SAC approval vote on 6 June followed by EXCOM approval in Jun or Jul.

Thank you for your support.



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