Relative to the use of Robert's Rules of Order:

In fact, the only discussion of an informal style of meeting in RONR is related to small board (less than 12 members).  In the introductory discussions, RONR recognizes three levels of meetings:

Less than 6:  Sit around the table and try to come to a consensus.

Between 6 and 12: Need at least a Chair and Secretary, Need to control who is speaking, Need to use precise language in defining proposals and approving them.

Over 12 members:  Full Scale Parlementary Procedures

The Informal Procedure in Small Boards may actually go too far for most of the PDG/PSG requirements:

Therefore, the particular sentence is wrong and needs revision.  I propose the following:

A meeting Chair shall conduct meetings in accordance with Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised (10th Edition).  The Chair may entertain a motion to suspend specific rules (e.g. standing, recognition, debate limits) to allow for a more collegial process, however, at any time in the meeting, the Chair may invoke parliamentary procedures in order to control the meeting.


Alternatively, drop all references to RONR:

A meeting Chair shall conduct meetings in a professional manner.



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