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> After the panel discussion last Tuesday during the CFI forum, I've heard
> from a couple of folks saying that they're interested in the SG I proposed.
> I'm willing to manage development of the TOR and participate in the SG, but
> I can't actually lead. That said, I'm looking for folks interested in
> participating. Here's my first cut at the rationale section of the TOR.
> Please respond with suggestions and offers to participate. I'm also looking
> for suggestions of other forums from which to seek participation. Fair
> warning: if you respond with suggestions for the TOR, I'll add your name to
> the list of proponents. ;-)
> Mixed architecture systems are becoming increasingly commonplace, and
> simulation interoperability is a central issue. The interplay between DIS
> and HLA simulations is reasonably well understood. TENA is a relative
> newcomer to distributed simulation, but is increasingly be bridged into HLA
> and DIS based simulations. These Live-Virtual-Constructive (LVC)
> architecture solutions not only have differing technical solutions, but
> differing business models. This SG will assess the current and future
> technical and programmatic requirements of the M&S community for LVC
> architectures and interoperability between them. The study will include
> discussion of how the differing business models can work together and assess
> the impact on the entire community including users, developers, vendors,
> academicians, and international members of all of these groups.
> The US DoD may be undertaking a study on this same topic. That study will
> call for review by the M&S community. The results of this SG may be used for
> this purpose.
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