After the panel discussion last Tuesday during the CFI forum, I've heard
from a couple of folks saying that they're interested in the SG I proposed.
I'm willing to manage development of the TOR and participate in the SG, but
I can't actually lead. That said, I'm looking for folks interested in
participating. Here's my first cut at the rationale section of the TOR.
Please respond with suggestions and offers to participate. I'm also looking
for suggestions of other forums from which to seek participation. Fair
warning: if you respond with suggestions for the TOR, I'll add your name to
the list of proponents. ;-)

Mixed architecture systems are becoming increasingly commonplace, and
simulation interoperability is a central issue. The interplay between DIS
and HLA simulations is reasonably well understood. TENA is a relative
newcomer to distributed simulation, but is increasingly be bridged into HLA
and DIS based simulations. These Live-Virtual-Constructive (LVC)
architecture solutions not only have differing technical solutions, but
differing business models. This SG will assess the current and future
technical and programmatic requirements of the M&S community for LVC
architectures and interoperability between them. The study will include
discussion of how the differing business models can work together and assess
the impact on the entire community including users, developers, vendors,
academicians, and international members of all of these groups.

The US DoD may be undertaking a study on this same topic. That study will
call for review by the M&S community. The results of this SG may be used for
this purpose.

Katherine L. Morse, Ph.D.
FCS M&S Chief Software Engineer
AVP Technology
10260 Campus Point Drive, MS A1G, San Diego, CA 92121
(858)826-6728; (858)826-2084 (fax); (858)775-8651 (cell)

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