2007 Spring Simulation Interoperability Workshop
sponsored by the
Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization (SISO)

Co-located with the
Spring Simulation Multiconference 2007
sponsored by
The Society for Modeling and Simulation International (SCS)
and the
16th Conference on Behavior Representation in Modeling and Simulation
(BRIMS 2007)

Norfolk Marriott Waterside
Norfolk, VA
25 - 30 March 2007

The 2007 Spring Simulation Interoperability Workshop (SIW) marks the
start of SISO's second decade of service to the International M&S
community. In recognition of this milestone, and the growing interaction
among M&S researchers, developers, and users, this Spring SIW will
be co-located with both the 2007 Spring Simulation Multiconference and
the 16th Conference on Behavior Representation in Modeling and Simulation
(BRIMS 2007). SCS and SISO will conduct a shared plenary session and a
Monday evening reception. BRIMS will conduct a plenary session on
Tuesday and a reception and poster session on Tuesday evening. The
cost of the SISO/SCS reception is included in the SISO and SCS
registration fees, and the cost of the BRIMS reception is included in
the BRIMS registration fees. BRIMS registrants may attend the SISO/SCS
reception by purchasing an optional ticket, and vice versa. Otherwise,
Registrants for any of the three events will be able to attend any
scheduled sessions at the other conferences during the duration
of the conference for which they are registered.

The SIW is a semiannual event encompassing a broad range of model and
simulation issues, applications, and communities, with the overall goal
of identifying and supporting the development of products to facilitate
simulation interoperability standards and reuse. The SIW includes
working sessions addressing interoperability and reuse requirements and
issues; tutorials on state-of-the-art methodologies, tools, and techniques;
and exhibits presenting the latest technological advances.

Please see the web version of the Call for Papers, posted at for
more detailed information.
Also monitor for subsequent updates.

KEY DATES. In order to meet the Workshop schedule, the following
dates are critical:

20 Nov 2006 Abstracts due
17 Jan 2007 Papers due in electronic form
22 Feb 2007 Final electronic copy of paper
20 Mar 2007 Presentations Due
25 Mar 2007 Spring SIW opens

ABSTRACT SUBMISSION INFORMATION. The Workshop invites papers and
presentations relating to distributed simulation standards,
applications, and technologies, interoperability issues, and other
topics identified below and on the SISO web site. Abstracts are
reviewed and selected by Planning and Review Panels (PRPs) and
leaders of the individual Forums and Groups. Papers are considered
for presentation in one or more Forums and Groups. Abstract and
paper format requirements are described in the "Author's Guide"
posted on the SISO web site.

Individuals who wish to participate should complete and submit an
abstract, using the submission form provided on the SISO web site.
If you have any problems or are unable to submit to the web site,
please contact Pat Burgess <[log in to unmask]>,
phone: 407-882-1372, fax: 407-658-5059.


"Transformation and Education Enabled by Modeling and Simulation"

As we near the end of the first decade of the 21st Century, many
aspects of our world are changing, and transformation is occurring
in many ways, affecting academic institutions, industry, and the
governments of many nations. The application of M&S as a primary
method for affecting change has grown significantly in the past
several years, with researchers, vendors, and diverse organizations
embracing M&S tools and processes as a way to understand and plan
for transformation in academia, industry, the military and government.

Educators, in particular, are examining the development and
implementation of Modeling and Simulation techniques as a means of
encouraging the study of science, technology, and engineering, in
secondary schools, at universities, and in graduate programs. Across
industry and within the military, many organizations are applying M&S
to increasingly difficult and complex issues as a way to better
understand how to transform organizations and individuals.

Much effort in all these areas comes together in a 3200 square
kilometer area surrounding Norfolk, VA. Encompassing the cities of
Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Chesapeake, and Hampton
VA, this locale of 1.5 million people is a focal point for M&S. With
multiple universities, numerous high technology industries, NASA
research, U.S. military installations of all Services, and some of
the largest marine shipping operations in the United States, it is no
surprise that both NATO's Allied Command Transformation (ACT) and the
U.S. Joint Forces Command are headquartered here. Multiple
collaborations among these institutions, and others, are generating
M&S solutions to existing problems, and generating new questions to
address. This Workshop will bring together expertise in standards
development, academic research, and behavior representation modeling
to address many current issues facing developers and end users in
applying education and training to transformation efforts. Please
join us in Norfolk and see how YOU can get involved in the wave of


A new SIW Forum is being established for papers concerning Crisis
Management and Societal Security, focusing on various aspects of
modeling and simulation, including predictive and descriptive models
for analysis, research and development, test and evaluation, decision
support, and training purposes. The Forum will be planned in
cooperation with the ISO TC 223 Societal Security standardizing


Generally, papers and presentations are considered in three main

* User Community Forums, which examine and promote topics of
interest related to the use and adequacy of available
simulation capabilities and new capabilities needed by
M&S users.

* Specialty Area Forums, which examine and promote current and
emerging simulation processes and technology.

* Special Sessions, which deal with topics that merit timely
solicitation of feedback from the SISO community.

For a detailed list of the Forums, Study Groups, and Product
Development Groups meeting at this workshop, and their specific
interest areas, see the "Tracks and Forums," "Study Groups," and
"Product Development Groups" links at


Throughout the week, several organizations will provide exhibits
and demonstrations of materials, software, and equipment relevant to
distributed simulation applications. The exhibit/demonstration area
will be open during the lunch breaks each day and from late afternoon
to early evening.


SISO Sponsorship provides a means for organizations to gain
representation and benefits in partnership with the activities and
operation of SISO. Sponsors enjoy the following privileges:

* Printing of Sponsor's corporate logos on SISO flyers and printed
* Display of logos and links from the SISO web site to the Sponsor's
web site
* 10% Discount on all SISO fees (workshop registration fees, booth
rental, etc.)
* Invitation to Speaker's lunch at SIWs (with to EXCOM and VIPs).
Organizations may also help sponsor the "All-SISO Social" held on
the opening day of the SIW. This event enables SIW attendees to
meet and talk with the other attendees in a casual atmosphere of
food and drink.

For information on becoming a SISO Sponsor or sponsorship of the
All-SISO Social, contact Ralph Weber <[log in to unmask]>.

QUARTERLY WEBLETTER. Simulation Technology Magazine, SISO's quarterly
electronic magazine, is available on-line at

This material is also published as part of the SCS Modeling and Simulation
quarterly magazine. SISO members can subscribe to this magazine as an
option on the SISO Workshop registration form.

DOD PARTICIPATION. The Office of the Secretary of Defense has reviewed
the plans for this Workshop and issued the following determination: "The
Department of Defense finds this event meets the minimum regulatory
standards for attendance by DoD employees. This finding does not
constitute a blanket approval or endorsement for attendance. Individual
DoD Component commands or organizations are responsible for approving
attendance of its DoD employees based on mission requirements and DoD

DRESS CODE ADVISORY. The workshop atmosphere is intentionally informal.
Jackets/ties/heels are discouraged, especially after the Monday Plenary
session. At the Monday afternoon Plenary, military speakers are
normally in normal uniform as prescribed by their service. BDUs or
informal civilian attire is worn after that point.

SITE AND ACCOMMODATIONS. The Workshop will be held at the Norfolk
Marriott Waterside. The special conference rate is $139/night. A
government rate is also available for a limited number of rooms. Proof
of status will be required to obtain the government rate. Make your
reservations at the SISO web site at
or by contacting ICMS at 1-800-810-4333 (in the U.S. or Canada),
+732-981-3414 (outside the U.S. or Canada), by faxing your request to
732-465-6447, or by emailing it to <[log in to unmask]>.

per diem and conference lodging allowances for government personnel
and government contractors. SISO's access to meeting space at the
conference conference depends on our guarantee of an agreed-upon number
of lodging room-nights. Please plan to stay at the conference hotel!

REGISTRATION. The Workshop registration form is available on-line
at Please note that the early
registration deadline (and the deadline for room reservations) is
21 February. Fees range from $475 for early registration through
$550 for on-site registration, with 10% discounts available for SISO
sponsors. See

Student registrations are available at a 50% discount, with proof
of valid, current status as a university undergraduate or graduate


- Ralph Weber (Chair), Computer Sciences Corp (CSC)
- Tom Mullins (Vice Chair), USAF
- Hardy, Sharon (Secretary), Computer Sciences Corp (CSC)
- Emmet Beeker, MITRE Corp.
- Wink Bennett, USAF
- Charles Cohen, Cybernet
- Jean Graffagnini, US Army AMRDEC
- Katherine Morse (SAC Vice Chair), SAIC
- Jan Tegner, Saab Systems
- Anthony Vernucci, GD-AIS
- Gene Wiehagen, US Army
- Duncan Miller SISO Executive Director

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