Apologies if you get this email from multiple sources, but its close to the
meeting date and I wanted to do my best to get the message out to everyone.

I want to extend special thanks to AFAMS for providing us with a
sufficiently large room. As you might have guessed from my silence the last
couple of days, finding this room has been a challenge.

Tuesday, 5 December
Room 300, which is an amphitheater that seats 160 (so, anyone who was even
thinking of attending is more than welcome)

The room has a projector, screen & computer, but no phone or network access.
I apologize to the folks who wanted to participate remotely. I had hoped to
be able to support that, but that doesnt appear possible at this point.

Katherine L. Morse, Ph.D.
FCS M&S Chief Software Engineer
AVP Technology
10260 Campus Point Drive, MS A1G, San Diego, CA 92121
(858)826-6728; (858)826-2084 (fax); (858)775-8651 (cell)

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