After each workshop or conference, the Conference Committee or
Program Committee solicits nominations from the Session or Forum
leadership for papers considered to be "the most important to be read
by the people who were not able to attend the Workshop or
Conference." Nominated papers are then read by the members of the
Conference Committee or Program Committee, who vote for the papers
considered to be the most significant presented at the workshop.

The Conference Committee has selected a set of five papers to receive
the 2007 Spring "SIWzie" Award. The papers are listed below in
descending order of consensus among the judges. Equally ranked papers
are listed in numerical order. SISO members may access these papers
via the SISO web site at:

Click "2007 Spring SIW", then "View Papers". You will need your
SISO MemberID and password to access papers from the most recent
workshop. Papers from previous workshops are available to all.

And the SIWzie winners are ...

07S-SIW-036 - Battle Management Language: A Grammar for Specifying Reports
Dr. Ulrich Schade
Dr. Michael Hieb

07S-SIW-108 - An Overview of the HLA Evolved Modular FOMs
Bjrn Mller
Bjrn Lfstrand
Mikael Karlsson

07S-SIW-067 - DIS: Does Interoperability Suffice? A Need to set a
Higher Standard
Brian T. Schreiber
Eric A. Watz
Winston Bennett, Jr.

07S-SIW-099 - Adaptive Generative Grammar for JC3IEDM Web Services
Saikou Y. Diallo
Dr.Andreas Tolk

07S-SIW-042 - Directed Energy Modeling and Simulation Experiment Results
Joe Sorroche

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