How dynamic do we really think that some of this information will be?
If I consider an overlay type document, I would hope that it would not
be dynamic. However, if one considers a repository of Lessons-Learned
type of information, I think such information would be dynamic and that
a Product Support Group for the DSEEP could easily keep this information
in their file area on the SISO Web Page. Checklists are other types of
information that might need to be fairly dynamic and these could also be
maintained by a PSG in their file area.


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As you know one of the ideas for SEDEP was to have technical overlays
e.g. VV&A, Evaluation, etc. Role overlays e.g. Problem Setter, Problem
Solver, etc. and Domain overlays e.g. SBA, T&E, etc. Whilst I think the
principle is still good, I am not sure whether we want to make this
additional information part of the DSEEP standard as I think the this
'best practice' type of information needs to be more dynamic i.e. have
the ability to update it as experience is gained. The question is 'where
would we capture and who would manage this type of information'? Is
there a role for using the SISO web site or the Wiki from NATO MSG-052?

What do others think?

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