You are right, that if defined properly, the Overlay information shouldnt be dynamic. My main concern was that the process document might get too large if it contained a lot of this other information. On the other hand there is a lot of additional useful information that could be provided to support practitioners.

My recommendation is for what was originally proposed i.e. the body of the process description containing the generic process and appendices for tailoring it for the different interoperability protocols. In addition, I would also like to see a freely available repository of information providing best practice, checklists, etc. to support the process. I saw this as a place where some of these additional overlays might also be stored.

However, it would be a question for SISOs lawyers to decide how much this repository of information could reference the IEEE standard without infringing copyright i.e. at a very minimum we would want to at least refer to the process steps and activities.



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