I have begun to experiment with what an architecture-specific annex for the DSEEP might look like.  The attachment to this message represents a first cut at what an annex for HLA might look like, which I am hoping could serve an an example template for other communities that would like to develop their own DSEEP annexes. 

The first section in the annex would define the mapping of terminologies between their architecture/methodology and the DSEEP.  The next section provides a global mapping of the major steps from their architecture/methodology to the major steps of the DSEEP.  This would include both graphics and text to describe how the processes fit together (note: I didn't include a mapping diagram between the HLA FEDEP and the DSEEP, since they are one-to-one).  The final section breaks into several subsections, each describing the similarities and differences between each activity within the native process and the corresponding activity in the DSEEP.  This may or may not include graphics, which in the case of HLA, I choose not to include.  The idea is to describe the implementation of each generic DSEEP activity within the context of the the specific architecture/methodology. 

This is just a first cut, but I wanted to get something down on paper so that people could see my current thinking on the annex structure and format, and provide feedback before we finalize a baseline template we could use for the next comment round.  Note that I am not looking for feedback on the HLA content as this point (there will be time for this later), but rather whether this is a reasonable baseline for the annex template.  Many thanks!



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