Another issue has arisen with respect to the DSEEP annexes that I would like your opinion on.  As you know, our current thinking has been that annexes would be tied to the architectures/protocols that employ the DSEEP, like HLA, DIS, and TENA.  However, I have begun to get inquiries about the potential for having annexes also dedicated to the perspectives of the various functional disciplines that have roles within the process, such as testing and/or VV&A.  If we allowed this, I suppose that things like project-specific case studies of the process could be next.  The issue is how restrictive we want to be regarding what we include as annexes.  We could either stick with our current path (architecture-specific views only), or we can allow all comers to define annexes of any type if they feel it would be useful for their communities, or anything in-between.  Thoughts?


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