How would this work procedurally for the practitioner? For example, Im a
VV&A professional working on an HLA federation. I start from the body of
the DSEEP. Would I first translate to HLA via one annex and then to VV&A
via another? Would this be part of the HLA annex? Would there be an annex
specific to HLA VV&A? An annex specific to VV&A?

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> All,
> Another issue has arisen with respect to the DSEEP annexes that I would like
> your opinion on. As you know, our current thinking has been that annexes
> would be tied to the architectures/protocols that employ the DSEEP, like HLA,
> DIS, and TENA. However, I have begun to get inquiries about the potential for
> having annexes also dedicated to the perspectives of the various functional
> disciplines that have roles within the process, such as testing and/or VV&A.
> If we allowed this, I suppose that things like project-specific case studies
> of the process could be next. The issue is how restrictive we want to be
> regarding what we include as annexes. We could either stick with our current
> path (architecture-specific views only), or we can allow all comers to define
> annexes of any type if they feel it would be useful for their communities, or
> anything in-between. Thoughts?
> Bob
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