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Sent: 24 September 2007 15:17
Subject: MessageSim SG Extension and appointment of Forum Chair to CC

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1. At the meeting last week, the CC voted, upon the request of the
leadership, to grant an extension to the MessageSim SG. The group would
have normally ceased at this last SIW. They are engaged in a study of
potential simulation technologies to serve the Space Community, which
will not complete until the Spring. The CC requests concurrence in this

2. Ms. Priscilla Elfrey volunteered for appointment to the CC. The CC
concurred. However, she is currently the Chair of the Space Forum PRP.
The P&P, paragraph 7.1.2 states, in part, "...a CC member may not serve
concurrently as the Chair of a Forum PRP."

Priscilla is currently attempting to find a volunteer to assume the
Chair of Space. Until that happens, the CC requests an exception to
policy to permit her concurrent service in the CC and the Space PRP.



Ralph Weber
Chair, Conference Committee
256-520-7133 Cell

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