Below is the list of papers that received a 2007 Fall
"SIWzie" Award. The papers are listed in descending order of
consensus among the judges. Equally ranked papers are listed in
numerical order. All of these papers may be accessed via the SISO
web site, Selected "SIW" under
"Conferences & Workshops", then "2007 Fall".

07F-SIW-069 Making Your BOMs and FOM Modules Play Together
Bjrn Lfstrand, Pitch
Bjrn Mller, Pitch
Paul Gustavson, Simventions Inc.
Robert Lutz, Johns Hopkins University

07F-SIW-076 Enhancing Virtual Simulation Systems
Interoperability through V-DIS
Lance Marrou, Science Application International Corp(SAIC)
Mark Faulk, Science Application International Corp, (SAIC)
Terry Tyson, Lockheed Martin
Brian Kemper, US Army Program

07F-SIW-054 A System View of C-BML
Dr. Andreas Tolk, Old Dominion University
Charles Turnitsa, VMASC
Saikou Diallo, VMASC

07F-SIW-077 Applying the Base Object Model to the Torpedo
Enterprise Advanced Modeling and Simulation Initiative
Jim Watkins, University of Texas at Austin
Pierre Lallemen, Pennsylvania State University
David Diederich, Pennsylvania State University

07F-SIW-081 Joint Interaction Validation
Eugene Stoudenmire, Alion Science Technology, Inc
Michael A. White, Alion Science Technology, Inc
Kristen Roy, Alion Science Technology, Inc

07F-SIW-044 A Proposed Open System Architecture for
Modeling and Simulation (OSAMS)
Jennifer Park, SPAWAR Systems Center
Dr. Jeffrey Steinman, WarpIV Technologies, Inc.
Bruce "Wally" Walter, L3-Titan
Nathan Delane, EG&G Technical Services

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