Sorry for the delay. This has been some time in coming, much like the
RPR FOM itself. Please respond with any suggested changes. Once everyone
is fine with the wording we can have VAN post it to the general list.
The steps for dissolution are:

* /The SAC will prepare a PDG Dissolution Recommendation outlining
the reasons for dissolving the PDG and identifying the process the
SAC has taken to identify remedies to these reasons./
* /The SAC will post the PDG Dissolution Recommendation for a thirty
(30) day review by the SISO community. The SISO community may
comment on the PDG Dissolution Recommendation at this time. The
SAC will develop a response for each comment, edit the PDG
Dissolution Recommendation as appropriate, and forward the PDG
Dissolution Recommendation, Comments, and Responses to the EXCOM./
* /The EXCOM will approve or disapprove the PDG Dissolution
Recommendation. In the case of approval of the PDG Dissolution
Recommendation, the SAC will administratively dissolve the PDG. In
the case of disapproval of the PDG Dissolution Recommendation, the
EXCOM will direct remedies for each issue leading to the PDG
Dissolution Recommendation and the SAC will work with the PDG to
implement these remedies./////

The production of this document meets the criteria for the first bullet.


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