Please review the document and post any comments here. I would like to
have this sent out to the broader SISO community in the next two weeks.
There is no requirement for a Vote, but if you have looked at it and
have nothing to add/change please post so. Obviously also feel free to
post comments regarding any changes you would like to see.

SISO-SAC: James Kogler wrote:
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> All,
> Sorry for the delay. This has been some time in coming, much like the
> RPR FOM itself. Please respond with any suggested changes. Once everyone
> is fine with the wording we can have VAN post it to the general list.
> The steps for dissolution are:
> * /The SAC will prepare a PDG Dissolution Recommendation outlining
> the reasons for dissolving the PDG and identifying the process the
> SAC has taken to identify remedies to these reasons./
> * /The SAC will post the PDG Dissolution Recommendation for a thirty
> (30) day review by the SISO community. The SISO community may
> comment on the PDG Dissolution Recommendation at this time. The
> SAC will develop a response for each comment, edit the PDG
> Dissolution Recommendation as appropriate, and forward the PDG
> Dissolution Recommendation, Comments, and Responses to the EXCOM./
> * /The EXCOM will approve or disapprove the PDG Dissolution
> Recommendation. In the case of approval of the PDG Dissolution
> Recommendation, the SAC will administratively dissolve the PDG. In
> the case of disapproval of the PDG Dissolution Recommendation, the
> EXCOM will direct remedies for each issue leading to the PDG
> Dissolution Recommendation and the SAC will work with the PDG to
> implement these remedies./////
> The production of this document meets the criteria for the first bullet.
> Jim
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