Per the SISO P&P, the EXCOM is required to produce an updated Vision Statement every three years. Ralph Weber has been working hard at producing an updated version of SISO-ADM-004 to meet this requirement. We would like to produce fliers for I/ITSEC with the updated Statement, but that means we have a very short time line for approving the document and printing fliers.

To this end, I'm announcing a very short review period for the document. Fortunately, the document itself is very short. I would like member comments returned by start of business, Monday, November 23rd. If there are no substantial comments, we will have just enough time for the EXCOM to take an electronic vote and IST to print the fliers.

Please note that we asked Ralph to follow the SISO Style Guide as closely as reasonably possible, but some sections and tables were overkill for a one-page document.

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