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* Section 3.14.1: In "unable to attend a meeting and delegate" to "unable to attend a meeting, but delegate." As currently written, it sounds like the member is unable to delegate in addition to being unable to attend.
* I know it's an editorial comment, but several of the figures come across as big red Xs for me. I don't know what format they are, but they probably need to be something more standard.

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Subject: SISO-ADM-002 Revision

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EXCOM Members

Attached you will find a revision to SISO-ADM-002. It is being provided to all three committees for review. PLEASE DO NOT PROVIDE COMMENTS AS TRACKED CHANGES TO THIS DOCUMENT. PROVIDE YOUR COMMENTS AS TEXT RESPONSES TO THIS THREAD.

This revision was developed for two primary reasons:

1. The relationship between SISO Inc (the legal entity) and SISO (the volunteer organization) was incorrect in the previous version of the P&P and required revision.

2. In April 2009, the IEEE sent each of the IEEE Working Group chairs a template for a Working Group Policies and Procedures document. Each working group is required to develop their P&P document and be prepared for IEEE audit of the same by June 2010. Due to the restricted requirements from the IEEE and to avoid different policies and procedures for different PDGs under SISO, I decided to make the working group P&P a part of SISO-ADM-002 in Section 10. The new section (10.2) addresses each paragraph of the template and based on a liberal interpretation of "meeting sponsor requirements", allows all PDGs to operate as previously required with one exception. The IEEE Template requires the working group to keep two rosters - one with all the personal information included and one with only names & primary affiliation. The later is required to be posted to the working group membership.

This revision includes a number of minor changes and clarifications which affect all the committees and therefore require all committees to review and approve the revision.

Additionally, the previous version used bullets, numbers, and alpha characters for various lists throughout the document. This revision uses consistent numbering of lists.

Please ignore any formating issues including the Outline Numbering of the sections. These problems are related to how Office 2007 handles styles and automatic numbering with track changes enabled. All of these issues will be repaired in the final document.

I will accept comments through 15 Jan and then prepare a coordination draft for processing according to SISO-ADM-002-2008.1, Section 3-10.

Mark McCall - EXCOM Vice Chair

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