Request To Deconflict The LVCAR, SimSummit and PDG, PSG, SG Sessions

Again, SISO scheduled the All-Day LVCAR, half-day SimSummit and PDG, PSG and SG sessions on the same day.  This effectively denies participation by members of the PDGs, PSGs and SGs that are holding meetings at the SIW with being able to participate in the LVCAR and SimSummit meetings. Comments on this conflict have been posted by some DIS PSG members on their reflector already.

I believe that you will find there are PDG, PSG and SG members attending the SIW that will want to also attend either the SimSummit and/or the LVCAR meetings in addition to any group meetings being held.  In some cases, this included officers of those groups who could not be in two places at once.  Members of those groups are dealing with distributed simulation issues on a daily basis.  They need to hear first hand what strategy is being proposed on broad distributed simulation issues and who is proposing the new approaches.  Also to be able to provide some real-world feedback on such proposals. 

I encourage the CC to:

1. Get feedback from the People.  Post a message to all SISO members and, separately, to the PDG, PSG and SG reflectors asking for their input as to whether, if they attended an SIW, they would like to be able to attend the LVCAR and/or SimSummit meetings as well and that these should be de-conflicted.

2. Make Available The Sessions on Video.  These sessions should be videotaped and made available to, at least, SISO members and those who paid separately to attend the LVCAR workshop.  The videos should be made available to others for a nominal fee and either be able to be streamed or purchased as a DVD.  (These two sessions, in my opinion, should be available as web broadcasts as well when they are going on.)


3. Include a Panel Discussion With  Key Stakeholders in LVCAR.  I did not see any Panel Discussion on the LVCAR agenda.  Did the LVCAR leadership formally invite higher ups from major U.S. DOD M&S organizations including each services M&S, JNTC, PEOSTRI, NATO M&S, the U.S., Australian and Canadian M&S organizations to be in attendance?  They are key stakeholders in evaluating the practicality and expense of any new distributed simulation convergence/commonality ideas.

Future LVCAR and SimSummit events should be de-conflicted with each other and from the meetings of SISO PDGs,  PSGs and SGs.  Any proposed solution should be widely circulated to the SISO membership and to specific PDGs, PSGs, and SGs reflectors for their feedback and comment.


Frank Hill
SISO Member

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