SRML PDG Members,

The SRML Language Specification is now officially open for the second round of PDG review. Further along in this message, you will find the instructions for downloading the specification and submitting your comments, but first, a few important notes.

- The first comment round will remain open through Thursday, August 12 2010. This corresponds to the standard 30-day review period.

-  When preparing your comments (especially significant technical comments) the PDG will need strong rationale to institute major changes. Please take the time and effort necessary to fully explain your position when formulating your comment.

- SISO Balloted Product Development and Support Process guidance on comments has been provided in the following paragraphs.

     * Paragraph  Comments should fall into one of the following categories:  General, Editorial or Technical. The three are described below:

            > General comments are those that concern the overall organization of the document, fundamental concepts, or the document as a whole.

            > Editorial comments are those that deal with typographical errors, grammatical errors, and formatting.  

            > Technical comments are those that specify changes in content that will affect the interpretation, scope, technical use, or how specific clauses in the document are covered.

Each comment should address a single point, and should stand alone. Each comment should be written so that the editors can evaluate it independently of all other comments. Each technical and editorial comment must clearly identify the specific section of the document that is being addressed. When a comment refers to an entire section or clause, the section/clause number and title should be specified. Otherwise, the most specific identification possible should be provided. Technical and editorial comments should be ordered based on the document components that they address, from the beginning of the document to the end.

Each comment should provide a clear statement of the problem and identify what is correct and what is not correct about the current draft. Each comment should provide a clear and complete description of the recommended change, including all of the information necessary to implement the proposed change. Each comment should provide a clear rationale for the recommended change. The editors need to be convinced to make the recommended change. Whenever possible, cite an authoritative reference.

When submitting comments, each PDG member shall be required to submit the following information:  

- Product Item
- Page Number
- Line Number
- Problem
- Proposed Action
- Change Type (select from the following)
- General
- Editorial
- Minor Technical Change
- Major Technical Change

You must be a member of the SRML PDG to participate in the comment round. This means that you must be a member of the SRML PDG and have submitted your affiliation information.  If you have not submitted your affiliation data, go to:


and provide the required information.

To access the document and submit your comments please use the following:ô

If you have not submitted your affiliation data, you will not be able to access the document.

You will need an Adobe Acrobat reader or an Acrobat-enable Web browser to view the documents. To submit comments, follow the URL above, and click on the pencil icon beside the underlined words "Entire Document". If you need to submit additional information along with your comment (such as a Word document), please post it to the PDG reflector and reference the comment number.

This review round is being conducted by SISO, and is not an IEEE ballot. Thus, you do not need to provide an IEEE membership number on the comment form. You only need to be a PDG member to comment; no IEEE membership is required. SISO defines PDG membership to be anyone subscribed to the reflector (discussion board). The SRML PDG has not established any further membership requirements.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to prepare and submit comments!

Bob Lutz
SRML Product Development Group
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