A special message to SISO members Duncan Miller dmiller <a href="/index.htm?LOGON=A3%3Dind1008%26L%3DSISO-MEMBERS%26E%3Dquoted-printable%26P%3D107318%26B%3D--%26T%3Dtext%252Fhtml%3B%2520charset%3DUTF-8%26XSS%3D3%26header%3D1" target="_parent" >[log in to unmask]</a> We've sent out a final reminder to our full mailing list regarding Monday's
early registration deadline. This message is addressed to you, our most
active members. I reported yesterday to our Conference Committee Chair,
Steve Swenson, about the number of registrations received so far for the
Fall SIW. Frankly, we are concerned about what we're seeing.

We've had a positive trend of increasing registrations for the past four
SIWs. But this time, registrations are running well behind the recent
pattern. This raises questions about whether we're going to be able to
continue our upward trend and continue to improve our financial stability.

So we're making a special plea -- if you can attend next month's SIW,
please register soon, and please make your hotel reservations at the
conference hotel. They've offered us, for the first time, government
per diem rates for ALL conference registrants. They are also waiving
their usual fees for internet access. And, for the first time, we're
getting a special deal on wireless access in all the meeting rooms.

Under our contract with the hotel, they provide us meeting space at
no charge, on the condition that we commit to occupying a certain
number of guest rooms at the hotel (in this case, 817 room-nights).
If we fail to do so, we must pay for the conference space (in this case,
$1500 per day). We're planning for 300 registrants, with an average
stay of at least three nights. If we make this, we'll be in good shape.

So, please go to the 2010 Fall SIW web page and make your SIW
and hotel reservations. As noted in the previous message, the
early registration deadline (and the hotel registration deadline) is
THIS MONDAY, 23 August.

If you can't register now, register later, but you won't get the
early registration discount, and the hotel is not contractually
bound to provide the special rate they offered us.


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